What is PIKA?


PIKA uses derivatives positions to back its price stability around a 1 dollar target. PIKA is minted by opening and 1x short position of an inverse perpetual contract.

Capital Efficient

A PIKA is minted by depositing one dollar value of supported tokens(e.g., ETH, WBTC), achieving better capital efficiency than overcollateralized stablecoins.


Yields are generated for PIKA from trading fees of derivatives exchange.


What is PIKA Exchange?

Perpetual Swap
A non-orderbook perpetual swap exchange with virtual automated market maker.
Tokenized Leveraged Positions
Allow anyone to hold and transfer leveraged tokens in the entire DeFi space.
Launch Exchange

What is Pika Share(PKS)?

It is a governance token that controls the choice of perpetual market and exchange parameter adjustments.
Holders can stake PKS liquidity token to earn trading fees.
PKS can be minted by governance to back the Pika exchange in the rare case of insurance fund insolvency.